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#1 Best Selling Author on Amazon

In one of the world’s largest online bookstores,, on November 22, 2012 a book by a South Korean author hits #1 on the weekly bestseller list on Amazon. The book which caused a sensation on Amazon is which is published by Cham books. and the 10th book published by renowned author Woo Myung, the […]

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maum meditation

I am a Las Vegas DJ

I am a Las Vegas DJSteven Oberg DJ. Las Vegas   Boom Boom Boom Boom. LOL.  Well, what can I say, I love my job!  I’ve always claimed that being a DJ in Las Vegas is like having the most exciting job in the most exciting city.  As you know, Las Vegas is world renown for entertainment […]

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Subtraction is the solution

wisdom of life through throwing away Subtraction is the solutionReducing Aggression and Gaining Confidencefrom <Influence of Maum Meditation on middle and high school students’ sense of self-worth> master’s thesis 2011. 2. 24   These days the news is filled with story after story of middle school violence and consequent suicides.These events expose the seriousness of […]

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